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Since SAM V2 is open-source software, it is easily customized with a working knowledge of HTML, PHP, MySQL, and the SAM source code/database structure.

Tables Names and Directory Structure

  Table Name Subdirectory Name
Student students student
Disabilities disabilities disability
Accommodations accommodations accommodation
Consents consent_types consent
Referrals referrals referral
Case Notes case_notes case
Tasks tasks task
Documentation documentation doc
Tests tests test
Class Schedules class_schedules schedule
Orders orders order

How to Add a Field to a Table and Form

1. Add the field to the underlying table in MySQL. For example, to add a field called Evaluator Name to the disabilities table, you would execute a SQL statement similar to:

alter table disabilities add column evaluator_name varchar(50) … 

Or you could use the MySQL workbench to alter the table using the GUI tools.