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Students can pick up their electronic books from AMAC’s Student Download Center online (link). An email will be sent when the book is ready to be downloaded. In addition to downloading books, students can:

  • Check the status of orders,
  • Download electronic book files,
  • Download assistive technology software, and
  • Watch assistive technology training videos.

To Login

  1. Follow the link in the email to the Student Download Center
  2. Enter your Email and PIN (provided)
  3. Click Login

Downloading Books

  1. Click on the My Orders tab at the top
  2. Under the Completed section, click on the Download button of your book
  3. Your book will download automatically

Downloading Software

After entering the Student Download Center

  1. Click on the Software tab at the top
  2. You will see a list of software, organized by:
    • Reading PDF’s
    • Reading Word Doc’s
    • Listening to Audio on CD
  3. Select the software you’d like to use, and click on the Download button
  4. After reviewing the Terms & Conditions, click on the Agree and Download button
  5. Your software will download automatically


AMAC Student Guide PDF | MS Word Doc

Watch short videos: