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I downloaded my book but it won't read. What do I do?

AMAC books are accessible but do not have built-in text-to-speech capability. Log into the AMAC Student Download Center to download text-to-speech software to use with your e-books.

I can't find the book that I downloaded.

Feel free to start the download process again. You are not penalized for downloading your book more than once. As you go through the download process, make sure to save your book to your desktop or to a folder where you can easily find it again.

I can't install the software that I just downloaded.

Open your downloads folder on your Internet browser and double click the .exe file. This will begin the installation process. The downloads folder is also viewable in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

When will my order be complete?

AMAC strives to complete all e-text and audiobook orders within 21 days. Production time depends on many factors. If we have already created the book in the format that you are requesting, it can be fulfilled within one business day. If we must purchase the book to scan and OCR it, it will usually take close to the full 21 days. Producing DOC files takes longer than PDF. Please note that during our busiest seasons (July-September and January-February) e-books may take a little longer due to extremely high demand. For questions about MathML or Braille production, please contact AMAC.

Where do I go to get my books (and software)?

AMAC has a Student Download Center where you can download books and software. Either follow the link in your email from AMAC or click AMAC Student Download Center. Use your email address and PIN to log in.

Can I use my AMAC book on my tablet?

Generally, yes. Most tablets require a free app such as WinZip to open .zip files. AMAC offers text-to-speech apps for iOS (iPads) that allow you to listen to your PDF e-text books. Request an app in the Student Download Center from the main page. You may purchase text-to-speech apps for Android tablets such as ezPDF Reader.

Why haven't I gotten any emails from AMAC?

Check your junk folder. If you still do not see any emails from AMAC (and you're sure that your DSP has registered you), then contact AMAC to update your information.