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The AMACWiki will contain the majority of information that people will need to access about AMAC.

It will replace:

  • Documents from our Document Library that do not contain private information.
  • Many portions of our website.

Suggested Guidelines for creating Wiki pages

Avoid heavy content on your portal's main page

  • AMACWiki's main page and the main page of each portal should be primarily organizational in nature - meaning the only content you should find on these pages should be headers, table of contents, and links. Let us call AMACWiki's main page the 1st level, and then our portal's main page the 2nd level. Therefore, at the 3rd level we recommend that you write small isolated chunks of information. If your content is very long, then consider creating a 4th level.


  • Insert links generously within Wiki pages. This will allow for greater navigational and organizational capabilities within our Wiki for our readers.
  • Instead of linking only the Header of a section; link the different topics underneath that header instead.
  • There is no need to re-write information that can be found elsewhere. Simply link to it!

Naming a Wiki page

  • When creating a new Wiki page, be aware that the title you create for it will appear in the A-Z index. Try to choose a name that will be relatively easy to locate in that index.

Are your statements backed up by Policy and Procedure?

  • Every applicable Wiki page needs to be backed up by the policies and procedures found on the Administration Wiki. This is another situation where linking/referencing comes in handy.


  • Please assign a category to applicable pages. This also increases our Wiki's navigational potential.
  • To assign a category:
  1. Look to see what categories already exist before creating a new one.
  2. Once you have chosen a category, then simply add the following to the top of your page while in editing mode-
    [[Category:the name of the category you have chosen]]          Example: [[Category:Staff]]

Embedding files

  • Word documents and spreadsheets, in most cases, should not be embedded. Instead, please take a moment to turn that spreadsheet into a Wiki table, and to copy and paste that text from your word document into a Wiki page. This will allow us to take full advantage of the benefits that Wiki offers (i.e. can see who edited it and when, can revert back to a previous version of it at anytime, can compare between different versions of it, can email it, can print it, can help us do away with the document library and never have to spend a lot of time trying to find a document again...)
  • It is okay to embed files such as .jpg and .pdf