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The Premium Membership is designed to offer educational institutions a complete package of student accommodation products and services. These services include a variety of assistive technology solutions, training and technical support, among other benefits. Typical Premium Members are institutions averaging a student enrollment of 4,000 and above.

The Premium Membership is calculated based on the institution’s total enrolled student population for the previous school year multiplied by $1.37. Additionally, customers will receive up to 120% of their annual fee applied to purchases of e-text orders before being billed monthly at standard production rates.

Premium Member Discounts

  • 70% off e-text within AMAC’s textbook library
  • 25% off ($450) SAM’s annual license fee
  • 25% off braille services
  • 10% off captioned media
  • Free braille tests

Assistive Technology Software

  • 20+ software applications available including: Text-To-Speech, Magnification w/ Speech, Screen Modification / Colorization, and Writing & Spelling software
  • Distributed directly to student computers through AMAC’s secure Student Download Center
  • Available for download and use on institutional computers overseen by the disability service office

Web-Based Management Software

  • Student access to our Student Download Center, where students can download books and software
  • DSP access to NEON, our easy to use online system for ordering, delivery, tracking and reporting

Alternative Media Production Services

  • Accessible textbook media creation, with multiple formats available (i.e. braille, electronic text, and audio)
  • AccessText Network premium membership, a value of $500


  • Online training resources, including instructional guides and videos
  • Webinar-based training for disability service providers
  • In-person professional development training*
  • Discounted registration fees to AMAC’s annual membership conferences


  • Technical Support for disability service providers and students
  • Member Services support

*Please contact Member Services for details