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Premier Universal Reader Plus
Universal Reader Plus icon The Universal Reader Plus is ideal for reading email and web pages.


The Universal Reader Plus, developed by Premier Assistive Technologies, is a very easy-to-use utility that reads to you, and it works with virtually any application. It is ideal for reading email and web pages. It has the added benefits of Language Model Information Summarization (LMIS) technology, full color scanning technology and multi-lingual translation technology.

Key Features

  • Works with virtually ALL programs.
  • Can read email files, web pages, HELP files, even text documents (i.e. WORD, RTF, TXT HTML).
  • Selectable voices with adjustable reading speeds (includes 2 Cepstral voices when ordered on CD).
  • Optional adjustable view window – displays what is being read.
  • Highlights / tracks each word as it reads.
  • Talking Pointer lets you simply place cursor over text, icons, links and commands to read.
  • Floating adjustable toolbar.
  • Adjustable fonts, font sizes, foreground / background colors.
  • The Scanning feature in Universal Reader Plus allows you to create an electronic version that can be read to you. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology utilizes Premier's new "Exact Match" algorithm which makes the scanned image as close to the original as possible. The document will not only be in full color, but it will also retain pictures, columns and tables from the original document.
  • Universal Reader Plus can translate text dynamically using the Multi-Lingual Translation Technology, so this is a great tool for anyone who has English as a Second Language (ESL) or someone who is trying to learn another language.
  • The Language Model Information Summarization (LMIS) feature is Premier's unique information summarization technology that lets you quickly summarize the information in a document, whether it's a range of pages or an entire document.


Printable resources

Audio/Video Resources

  • YouTube Video Playlist - Watch


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