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Worksheet Wizard
PDF Equalizer icon The Worksheet Wizard is a learning tool optimized to work with worksheets and forms.


Worksheet Wizard is ideal for adding annotations to existing PDF files or worksheets. The Wizard solves the problem of working with, and filling in, documents on a computer that are designed to be completed with a pencil.

Key Features

  • Works with all PDF files, including scanned PDF files
  • Answers can be typed directly into the worksheet, eliminating the need for text boxes
  • Draw freehand within the file much like drawing with a pencil on a sheet of paper
  • Erase freehand within the file much like working with an eraser
  • Highlight within the worksheet in multiple colors
  • Comes complete with built-in templates that include graph paper and college-ruled notebook paper
  • Create custom templates
  • The built-in Worksheet Composer provides a variety of composition tools to assist with writing
  • Scanning technology allows worksheets to be scanned directly into the Worksheet Wizard - worksheets are saved in PDF format and can be automatically de-skewed and de-speckled
  • Network compatible - worksheets opened from a network drive are preserved and a copy of the file is made ensuring the network copy remains unchanged
  • Edit answers at any time
  • Multi-level undo feature
  • Edit text contained within PDF files
  • Cut and paste images into a PDF file


  • YouTube Video Playlist - Watch


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