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*[http://screencast.com/t/iJlnsNu5 PDF Equalizer Quick Tour]
*[http://screencast.com/t/iJlnsNu5 PDF Equalizer Quick Tour]
*[http://www.readingmadeez.com/training/VideoPlayer.php?V=37&G=2 Intro to PDF Equalizer]
*[http://www.readingmadeez.com/training/VideoPlayer.php?V=37&G=2 Intro to PDF Equalizer]
*[http://www.readingmadeez.com/training/VideoPlayer.php?V=32&G=2 Reading Options]
*[http://www.readingmadeez.com/training/VideoPlayer.php?V=36&G=2 Note-taking]
*[http://www.readingmadeez.com/training/VideoPlayer.php?V=35&G=2 Summarize Tool]
*[http://www.readingmadeez.com/training/VideoPlayer.php?V=33&G=2 Making Audio Files]
*[http://www.readingmadeez.com/training/VideoPlayer.php?V=62&G=2 Intro to PDF Editor]
*[http://www.readingmadeez.com/training/VideoPlayer.php?V=63&G=2 Editor Tools]
*[http://www.readingmadeez.com/training/VideoPlayer.php?V=34&G=2 Scanning]
*[http://www.readingmadeez.com/training/VideoPlayer.php?V=38&G=2 Translation]

*[http://screencast.com/t/DqqLN7g1b Download and Install PDF Equalizer (4 minutes)]
*[http://screencast.com/t/Wxv7MzRxO Fixing Page Numbering - Syncing Page Numbers]


*If you are getting 'At the end of the document' when trying to read a file in PDF Equalizer, you will need to go to C\Program Files\Premier AT\pdfreader.exe -> right-click -> Run as Administrator and this should reset the ocr engine. Then press Edit -> Reset PDF Equalizer.
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[[Software|Back to Software Page]]

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Premier PDF Equalizer
PDF Equalizer icon The PDF Equalizer is used to access and read pdf formatted documents.


The PDF Equalizer, developed by Premier Assistive Technologies, allows you direct access to PDF formatted files without going through any conversion or import process.

Key Features

  • Take notes synchronized with the pdf page
  • Copy text, images or tables directly from the pdf document into your notes
  • Convert the text to mp3 files for portability
  • Integrated talking dictionary
  • Summarize feature can compress any part of the document into a concise summary


Printable resources

Audio/Video Resources


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