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The installation of SAM V2 is peformed by the customer.

SAM V2 requires the customer to have a web server with PHP installed. The PHP installation must also have the MySQL extension installed. MySQL should also be installed, either on the web server or another computer that can communicate with the web server. This configuration is typically referred to as WAMP or LAMP, depending on the operating system of the web server. For information on installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL, read this recommended PHP MySQL Tutorial.

Once the above software is installed and configured, SAM V2 is installed as follows:

  1. Create the MySQL sam database using the sam_shema.sql script. Typically this database is created by running the following MySQL command: mysql -u root -p[root password] < sam_schema.sql.
  2. Create a MySQL user and grant all schema privleges for the sam database to this user. Typically, the easiest way to do this is to use the MySQL Administrator logged in as root.
  3. Install the SAM V2 PHP source code onto the web server by unzipping and extracting the file. Be sure to extract the files to the location you intend to use as the URL. If your web server address is and you extract to the projects directory, then your SAM V2 software URL will be
  4. Modify the following programs:
    • dbconnect.php - Change the MySQL connection parameters to be IP address of the machine running your MySQL database, the port number (typically 3306), and the username and password you setup in step 2.
    • header.php - Change the $institution variable to be the name of your institution.
    • index.php - Change the $institution variable to be the name of your institution.
    • notification.php and notification2.php - Change the name of the institution and address lines to be accurate for your institution.
  5. Place a JPEG image file of your institution logo in the samv2 directory on the web server. The file name should be logo.jpg. The logo image should be approximately 180 by 180 pixels.
  6. Log into the SAM V2 application as the administrator. Before any users can access the application, you must define users and permissions. Tools to create users and configure permissions are located under the Administration menu.