Funding Options and Strategy for Accessible Media

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Accessibility Requirements for Web-Based Video

  • Closed Captions, synchronized and accurate
  • Text Transcript, accessible text document of the spoken word
  • Descriptive Video, accessible text document describing the key visual elements need for comprehension
  • Accessible Media Player

Funding Options

  • Line item on Department budget at beginning of fiscal year
  • Utilize Existing Accessible Online Media (Netflix, Films on Demand, Galileo, Ted Talks, etc.)
  • Campus Accessible Media Library (avoid paying multiple times for same video to be captioned)
  • Online Teaching Faculty, stipends used for captioning costs
  • Sources of Grants and Funding for Closed Captioning of Online Video, 3Play Media
  • Line Item on Grant Proposals (allow grant to absorb cost of meeting accessibility requirements instead of department or university)
  • Procurement Bids to Secure Best Rate (requires coordinated effort on campus or within a university system)
  • Purchase Already Captioned Video
  • Require Vendor to Provide Captioned Video for Tutorials, Learning Modules, Training Videos, etc.

Prioritization Plan

  • Need
    • Accommodation request
    • Required by individuals with disabilities
    • Mission critical
  • Content
    • Is video the best format for delivering this content?
    • Is the video quality worth the time and expense?
    • Is video in high demand or have a limited audience?
  • Access Statistics
    • Production date
    • Date of last access
    • Most recently accessed
    • Most frequently accessed
    • Lifespan of video