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Intergovernmental Agreements

As a state institution you may have wondered if you must seek bids for services such as captioning or getting your college's media captioned, simply put the answer is no; you do not, if you select AMAC for these services.

In order to clarify, AMAC sought guidance from the Office of Legal Affairs at the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. According to the Office of Legal Affairs, entities within state government may contract together without having to request bids for services.

As you are aware, AMAC is an initiative of the University System of Georgia, so AMAC is a state entity. Institutions within the USG or TCSG are also state entities. This means AMAC and your institution may do business together without the requirement of requesting bids.

The Georgia Constitution authorizes state entities to enter into an intergovernmental agreement if the items to be acquired are available from that source.

An intergovernmental agreement is a contract between two or more government entities. Permissible government entities include state and local (county, city, etc.) government entities within the state of Georgia as well as other states of the United States of America.

Intergovernmental agreements do not require approval from SPD or competitive bidding and are not subject to dollar limits. Of course, as good stewards of your state dollars, you should not just use AMAC simply because it is a state agency. You should use a process to determine that in fact AMAC's prices and services are the most cost effective to meet your entity's needs.