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The orders table contains student orders for alternative media produced by disability services. An orders record exists for each handout or book requested by the student, so if the student has requested 3 books in alternate format, then the one student parent record will have 3 child order records.

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Order Components

If an order requires alternate media production, you can track the production components by creating components associated with the order. For example, you could break production of the book into 3 components: chapters 1 – 5, chapters 6 – 10, and chapters 11 – 15. Each component could be assigned to a different individual so that production could occur in parallel.


The fields of the orders table are:

Field Description
author The author of the book.
copyright The copyright year of the book.
course The course the student is taking that is using the book or handout. Course is required.
delivery_type The method used to deliver the alternate format media to the student.
editing Check this box if alternate media production requires editing or formatting of the alternate media.
editing_file_type The file format for the edited or formatted file.
edition The edition of the book.
faculty The faculty instructor’s name for the course associated with the order.
format_requested The alternate format desired for the book or handout. Alternate format is required.
isbn The 10 or 13 digit ISBN of the book.
last_updated Date record was last updated.
material_received The date the book or handout was received from the student.
material_returned The date the book or handout was returned to the student.
media_source The procurement source for the alternate media: Library, RFB&D, Publisher File Request, Other Repository, etc. If the alternative media cannot be procured, then the order will become a production order and the alternate media will be produced in-house.
notes Notes regarding the order. The notes field is a cumulative field and date stamped with the date, time and user adding the notes.
order_completed The date alternate media production completed.
order_delivered The date the alternative media for the order was delivered to the student.
order_recieved The date the alternate media order request was received from the student.
priority_code The priority associated with the production of alternate media for the order.
publisher The publisher of the book.
required_text Check this box if the book or handout is required by the course instructor.
scan Check this box if alternate media production requires a scan of the book or handout.
scan_file_type The file format for the scanned file.
status The status describing the state of work associated with the order.
title The title of the book or handout. Title is required.
tracking_id The tracking number for the alternate media procurement. If the source is RFB&D, the tracking number would be the RFB&D shelf product number.
sid The student the order is related to. Student is required.
uid Unique ID# of the record.
updated_by User who last modified the record.