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SAM Logo  Student Accommodation Manager

The Student Accommodation Manager is a secure, web-based database application designed to help postsecondary Disability Service Providers manage student data, disabilities, accommodations, case notes, and much more. SAM is developed and hosted using Intuit's QuickBase and follows a software-as-a-service model where there is no software to install or server to manage or own. Essential functions such as system availability and backups are provided for you. Predefined reports as well as a powerful report writer allow you to quickly and easily find, filter, and transform data. SAM can also serve as a forms repository and auto-generate accommodation notification letters. For institutions lacking strong IT support, SAM offers a viable multi-user, web-based solution.

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SAM was developed using Intuit's QuickBase and utilizes standard QuickBase features and security, including:

  • SAM is completely web-based, all information stored in SAM is available anywhere there is access to the internet
  • SAM is accessible 24-hours a day, 365-days of the year removing the need to carry file folders desk to desk, office to office
  • SAM customers do not have to update software on any computer where SAM is used reducing user frustration
  • SAM customers do not have to purchase additional software for every computer reducing costs
  • SAM meets VPAT requirements allowing any user access to valuable information
  • SAM provides customers the ability to run/create/save/archive reports as easily as clicking on a mouse
  • SAM provides customers the ability to create reports that reduce the time spent in compiling required reports
  • SAM reports can be exported into excel providing greater communication between DSP offices and Financial decision makers
  • SAM reports can be emailed directly to 3rd parties which allows easier relay of the information hosted in SAM
  • SAM reports can be printed as necessary making administrative tasks easier and less time consuming
  • SAM provides email integration allowing users to use SAM as a communication tool for students, professors and DSP staff
  • SAM provides searchable on-line help allowing users to obtain help without having to pick up the phone
  • SAM allows customers to define user roles which controls access to information protecting privacy
  • SAM's Quickbase application provides data encryption which fights against unwanted use of stored data
  • SAM's Quickbase application provides daily backups freeing IT support to accomplish other vital tasks
  • SAM's Quickbase redundant data storage procedures ensures all data is stored in duplicate preventing the loss of data



SAM is a relational database application. An understanding of the following terms and concepts is essential to understanding the SAM design:


SAM organizes data into different tables that allow you to instantly access, sort, and find information for an individual student or related data sets.

At the core is the Student table, however, SAM allows users to manage data for and report on:


Access to SAM requires a login and password. Each user is provided with their own login and password. A user’s login is their email address. Passwords are case sensitive.

Login to SAM


Users of SAM benefit from the following security measures provided for all QuickBase applications:

  • An industry-standard, 128-bit Secure Socket Layers (SSL) protocol is employed to ensure information is neither intercepted nor corrupted during transmission over the Internet.
  • Encryption technology is used to help protect data stored on disk.
  • A state-of-the-art data center provides intrusion detection software and hardware, advanced firewall software, daily back-ups to prevent data loss, video surveillance, and uninterruptible power supplies.


SAM users can access the same data simultaneously. However, using roles and permissions, you can determine what data users can see and what actions users can perform.


With SAM, you can quickly and easily find and view your data the way you want. Reporting is simple, with:

  • A host of pre-defined reports to help you get started quickly.
  • An easy to use report writer that allows you to create tabular reports, summary reports, and even graphs and charts.
  • A powerful Find feature that allows you to filter data by multiple fields.


Prior to creating the SAM application for the customer, the customer will complete the guide provided by the SAM team. SAM Implementation Guide. This implementation guide helps our customer identify:

  • How many users will have access
  • The name and email address of all users (this information will be used to create the QuickBase logins for users)
  • If any new roles and permissions are required in addition to the service provider and administrator roles
  • What role to assign to each user
  • The multiple-choice field values
  • The list of available accommodations

Completed documents and questions can be emailed to Doug Neal at

When the SAM customer application is created, AMAC will use the information provided in the implementation guide to provision users, create any new roles and permissions, and customize the values for multiple-choice fields.

Importing and Synching Data

Licensing Agreement

Standard Pricing

2012 Application and Host Pricing for "SAM"

SAM License Fee


Inquiries for Special AMAC Membership Pricing please email Doug Neal

  • Includes SAM application via QuickBase by Intuit
  • Includes initial implementation training
  • Includes application updates
  • Includes all basic support and all support documentation and videos posted online)

QuickBase Hosting


  • Includes application hosting, server maintenance, data and storage recovery backup, and user maintenance
  • Includes security
  • Includes database storage of 5MB
  • Includes file attachment storage of 100MB
  • Includes ten user accounts

Customer Specific Fees (as required)

  • An additional $100/month is charged to a customer when a database exceeds 5MB (incremental charge per each additional 5MB)
  • An additional $100/month is charged to a customer when file attachment storage exceeds 100MB (incremental charge per 100MB)
  • An additional $10/month per user is charged to a customer when exceeding 10 users.
Optional Products and Services Available for "SAM"

Data Import

$400 (estimate)

  • Upon request, the SAM development team can guide the import of existing data into SAM from a customer's external data source(i.e. Microsoft Excel). This price is based on the customer's file type and the amount of data organization necessary for a successful data import. Customers are provided an estimate for review.

Support Package


  • Provides one-on-one (on demand), personalized user phone and email support customized to individual user needs.

Database Customization

$125/hour (billed in 15 minute increments)

  • Includes all customer specific SAM enhancements (i.e. additional fields, report and table modifications, and branding)

New Employee Training


  • Upon request, the SAM support team can train new SAM users not included in initial SAM implementation training.

On-Site Training

$1,200/day plus travel costs

Discount "SAM" Pricing for Current AMAC Members

SAM Application

Current Premium and Deluxe AMAC customers receive a 25% discount off the $1800 annual "SAM" application fee. This is a savings of $450; other standard fees apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since SAM is developed using Intuit's QuickBase, the application layout, navigation, and functions are controlled by QuickBase. To learn more about a particular topic, choose from the list below: